Tiered Skirt Tutorial using {Gingham Gardens} by My Minds Eye

Hey Everyone!!

I am super stoked to be blogging today to show you all how you can modify any pattern that has a skirt to be tiered!

Before we begin, I have to show you all two of the prettiest fabrics in my spring stash. They come from (DRUM ROLL PLEASE) the gorgeous {Gingham Gardens} collection by My Minds Eye. 

The Full {Gingham Gardens} Collection by My Minds Eye
Photo Courtesy of Riley Blake Designs

Picking just one or two fabrics from any given collection is always difficult, but choosing from {Gingham Gardens} was just painful! I wanted every single print to come live in my personal stash, but the two that I did pick are total show stoppers. 

Green Gingham Gardens Check and Aqua Gingham Gardens Main are the cutest combination I have sewn in awhile. The green of the gingham really pulls out the greenery detail in the floral, yet it doesn't take away from the floral's beauty. The floral has all the pretty shades of pink that you want in your spring sews, but still will be perfect for the summer picnics!

Now let us get to the tutorial!

For this project I used Lauren from Violette Field Threads. Lauren has always been one of my personal favorites because it is a super fast sew, and it is perfect for the Florida springs and summers. When I sat down to make this {Gingham Gardens} Lauren, I had an idea: what if I gave it a tiered skirt? So, I ran with it and have never been happier with a modification.

Follow the steps below to make your own tiered skirt!

Step 1.
Find the gathered skirt measurements in the pattern's cut chart.

Step 2.
Take the width of the skirt and divide it by two, then add whatever the seam allowance is. For VFT it is 1/2". This will be the new width of your skirt tiers. 

(width/2)+SA= New Width

Step 3.
Take the length of the skirt and multiple it by 2. The top tier will be the new width by the original length. The bottom tier will be the new width by the new length. 

length x 2= New Length of the Bottom Tier

Step 4. Cut four of your bottom tier pieces. You will sew all of them together (forming a loop) by attaching them at the width raw edge. Once that is completed, you will want to hem the bottom tier as the pattern suggests.

Step 5.
Sew two rows of gathering stitches along the (super) long raw edge of the bottom tier.

Step 6.
Pull your gathering stitches until it is the length of your top tier. At this point, just attach your bottom tier to the top tier and serge!

Then just complete the skirt as the pattern calls whether that includes a placket and/ or more gathering stitches! 

And there you have it! Now you are ready to modify any pattern's skirt into a beautiful tiered skirt!

Do not forget to head on over to your favorite local or online quilt shop to get your favorite prints from My Minds Eye's {Gingham Gardens} collection!

Lastly, huge THANK YOU to My Minds Eye for the opportunity to sew with these adorable fabrics.