How to Add Bottom Ruffles to an Olive Romper using {Strawberry Honey} by Gracey Larson

I recently began a new journey as a pattern designer for Sunflower Seams Pattern Co  and my very first pattern to release is Olive!! Olive is a bubble romper that is offered in sizes newborn to 4, and can be made as a unisex version (perfect for little boys) or the ruffled waist version.

{Strawberry Honey} Collection by Gracey Larson
Photo Courtesy of: Riley Blake Designs


When I received my two selected fabrics from the {Strawberry Honey} collection, I had the idea to add ruffles to the rear end of the unisex Olive. The end result was so adorable that I decided that I NEEDED to share the tutorial with you all! The two fabrics that I used to make this tutorial was the White Strawberry Honey Strawberries and the Key Lime Strawberry Honey Cross Stitch.


Olive Pattern (click HERE)

Supplies Found in the Olive Pattern

1/2 yd of Contrasting Fabric for the Ruffles (don't forget to pick up your favorites from the {Strawberry Honey} Collection!)



Step A.
Cut out all the unisex romper pieces as the tutorial calls. In addition, cut two rear end ruffles that are two times the width of your cut Olive romper back piece (or four times the width of your back pattern piece) and 3" wide.

Rear End Ruffles = 2(width of the romper back) x 3"
Rear End Ruffles = 4(width of the romper back pattern piece) x 3"

Step B.
Before you begin Step 1 in the Olive tutorial, take your BACK MAIN romper piece and fold it in half widthwise. All you are doing is hand creasing it to give you a line to follow. If you prefer, take a washable sewing pen and trace the line. It doesn't matter which sides of the fabric are touching. 

Step C.
Next, take one of your rear end ruffle strips and hem it by folding one long raw edge in 1/4" (wrong sides touching) and then again 3/8". This will enclose the raw edge. Then sew along your folded hem. Repeat for the second ruffle. 

Step D.
Now you will want to sew two rows of gathering stitches along the top (the raw long edge) of your ruffle strip. Pull your gathering threads until the ruffles are the width of your back romper piece. Repeat for the second ruffle. 

Step E.
Remember that line you hand creased/ drew on your main back romper piece? You are now going to line one of your ruffle strips up on the line UPSIDE DOWN (the hem will be facing the neckline instead of the crotch) with the right sides of the fabric touching. Sew along the gathered raw edge 1/4" away from the edge. 

Step F.
Line up the second ruffle the same way (upside down- finished hem facing neckline with right sides touching), but this time line it up 1-2" below the first ruffle (distance depends on the size you are making. For reference I made an 18-24m and spaced them 2" apart). Sew 1/4" away from the raw edge.

Step G. 
Now fold the second ruffle (the one you just completed) down covering the raw edge (your ruffle fabric and romper fabric will now be both rights sides up) and top stitch the ruffle down 3/8" from the edge. Repeat step for the top ruffle. 

Step H. 
Remove any exposed gathering stitches and baste your ruffle sides to the side seams.

Step I.
Follow the Olive tutorial as the pattern directs!! 


VOILA! You have just completed the Olive pattern with the rear ruffle modification! Be sure to share your creation on Facebook (in the Sunflower Seams Facebook Group) and on Instagram and use the hashtags #SSOlivePattern #SunflowerSeams and #KGCSews so I can show your creation some love!

Be sure head on over to your favorite local or online quilt shop to get your favorite prints from Gracey Larson's {Strawberry Honey} collection!

Lastly, huge THANK YOU to Gracey Larson and Riley Blake Designs for the opportunity to sew with these adorable fabrics.