Fabric Covered Snap Tutorial using {Easter Egg Hunt} by Natalia Juan Abello

I have been eye balling Peony Pattern's Jasmine for quite sometime now. The ruffled square neckline, puff sleeves, and tiered skirt is seriously one of the cutest combinations I have seen in awhile. I normally let my fabrics tell me what they want to be (totally normal, right?!), BUT I just knew that the Yellow Carrot fabric from Natalia Juan Abello's {Easter Egg Hunt} Collection needed to become a Jasmine!  

{Easter Egg Hunt} Collection Photo Courtesy of Riley Blake Designs

I am a snap lover. Buttonholes and I do NOT get along. So when I discovered plastic snaps I was immediately in love. But no matter how much I love my snaps, they do not always flow with the beautiful elegant patterns. 

Enter fabric covered snaps! They are an easy way to hide the cheap plastic snaps without sacrificing a pattern's elegance and my sanity! Do not know how to make fabric covered snaps? No problem! Keep reading below for a step-by-step tutorial.  


Fabric scrap


Fabric Pen





Snap Application Tool

Step One:

Trace your quarter on your fabric scrap using your fabric pen. I had three snaps I would be covering, so I traced my quarter three times. I also wanted each snap to feature one of the carrots, so I placed my quarter accordingly!

Step Two:

Thread your needle and tie a knot in the end leaving a decent sized tail. Stitch around the circle like the picture above. Do not tie off. Repeat for the remaining circles.

Step Three:

Lay one of your sewn circles wrong side facing up. Lay the exterior part of your snap down in your circle.

Step Four:

Pull the unknotted string to enclose the head of the snap. Once it is tight, tie the two tails together to make sure the fabric cover doesn’t come off before you install it to your garment. Repeat for all your snaps. 

Step Five: 

Install your snap the same way you always would! And you are done!! 



Be sure head on over to your favorite local or online quilt shop to get your favorite prints from Natalia Juan Abello's {Easter Egg Hunt} collection!

Lastly, huge THANK YOU to Natalia Juan Abello for the opportunity to sew with these adorable fabrics.